Attractive, affordable rugs, hand-woven in a range of eco-friendly colors.Who says Earth-Friendly can’t be elegant?

FlatWeave Natural Wool Rugs

No Dyes. No Chemicals. Sheep-Colored. Beautiful.

Wooly Original.

We believe wool is safest and most splendid as found in nature. No adulterants. No dangerous off-gassing. Just hand-woven, hand-bound wool.

Using only the real color variations of natural breeds of sheep, our wool rugs are carefully hand-woven into rich, refined patterns.

All of our flat woven wool rugs are hand-bound and 100% reversible, and are made without latex for many years of healthy use.

Loom-Hooked Natural Wool Rugs

Supple, Sophisticated, Sheepy.

Right on the Mutton.

The moment we ran our hands through our Eco Cotton Loom-Hooked rugs, we knew we had to offer them in wool. They’re finally here.

Soft and springy, these natural wool rugs are hand-woven on our specialty looms. Our unique loom technique lets us skip the unhealthy latex backing and chemicals found in other hooked rugs, without sacrificing any of the cushy barefoot comfort our Loom-Hooked rugs offer.

True to our Eco Commitment, our Loom-Hooked Wool rugs are made from 100% undyed wool, in a variety of natural sheep colors.

Hook & Loom Wool Sheep

We love wool.

There is no rug fiber more beautiful, comfortable, and healthy than wool. Wool has a buoyant, spring-like quality, bouncing back when other rugs flatten. Wool resists stains, and it traps dust and other allergens, keeping them from the air until safely vacuumed away.

Treat your feet.

Eco expertise.

Wool rugs outlast those made from other materials, more than covering the fiber’s premium price. But only if they’re made right.

We expertly hand-craft our rugs, using innovative methods to make them Earth-friendly, people-friendly, beautiful, and enduring. We believe the best way to make a rug is to weave it on a loom, using skilled craftsmen, and no dyes or chemicals. We make all of our rugs this way. The loom locks the yarns together, without the need for latex or glue, which crack and crumble over time, and are not eco-friendly.

We think you’ll be floored.

Hook & Loom Wool Sheep

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