Attractive, affordable rugs, hand-woven in a range of eco-friendly colors.Who says Earth-Friendly can’t be elegant?

Eco Cotton Loom-Hooked Rugs

Springy, Safe, Born for Bare Feet.

Meet our Plush Pride & Joy.

Sink your feet into the cheerful comfort of our Loom-Hooked Eco Cotton rugs. Handcrafted patterns and a unique springy feel lend cozy credibility to any room.

Earth-friendly, too: They’re hand-woven on special looms from our unique recycled Eco Cotton. NO latex; NO chemicals; NO dyes.

Eco Cotton FlatWeave Rugs

Earth-Friendly. Affordable. Durable. Delightful.

You won’t find rugs like these anywhere else.

Using our unique and innovative process, we create colored yarns from recovered textile fiber. Then we hand-weave our cotton rugs from this new yarn without dyes, chemicals, or latex.

The result: delightful, durable rugs that last for years, and won’t bleed or fade in the washing machine. They’re soft on your feet and spectacular on your floor.

Natural Wool Rugs

No Dyes. No Chemicals. Sheep-Colored. Beautiful.

Wooly Original.

We believe wool is safest and most splendid as found in nature. No adulterants. No dangerous off-gassing. Just hand-woven, hand-bound wool.

Using only the real color variations of natural breeds of sheep, our wool rugs are carefully hand-woven into rich, refined patterns.

All of our wool rugs are hand-bound and 100% reversible, and are made without latex for many years of healthy use.

Our Eco Commitment

Hook & Loom Wool Rug Collage

Eco Elegance.

Hook & Loom started with a mission: to make beautiful, comfortable, durable, safe rugs without harming the Earth. First, we crafted our Eco Cotton rugs from recycled and respun fabric. Natural Undyed Wool rugs followed, and our journey continues with unique latex-free Loom-Hooked Eco Cotton rugs.

Just “green” isn’t good enough. We painstakingly crafted these unique rugs to marry luxury quality with our commitment to the Earth. We’re proud of the results!

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