Natural Rubber Rug Pad

Natural Rubber Rug Pad
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We highly recommend the purchase of these rug pads with any rug order.

Size In Stock? Price  
2 x 3 $7
3 x 5 $14
4 x 6 $26
5 x 8 $32
6 x 9 $47
8 x 10 $62
8 x 11 $65
9 x 12 $78
10 x 14 $87
2 x 9  Runner $18
x 9  Runner $21
x 9  Runner $22
3 round $12

Consisting chiefly of sustainable natural rubber, this is a very high quality low-profile non-skid rug pad. Not 100% green, as the thin mesh fabric inside is made from virgin polyester, but we feel it is currently the best on the market. As our sales and buying power increase, we plan to develop a 100% green offering.

As we are not set up to charge for shipping, these rug pads can only be shipped with a rug order, which ships for free.

Rug pad sizes are nominal and are quoted as the size of the rug they are intended to fit. Scissors can easily be used to trim to fit where needed, especially the rounded corners on oval braided rugs.