Introducing Cotton Organics. Woven from 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton.

Organic Cotton. No surprises.

We set out to make the most organic rugs in the world.
We begin with 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton.

Then we add…nothing.
This means:

No fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides used in our fields.

No defoliants used during harvesting.

No adhesives. We hand-bind our rugs, so no VOCs nor latex.

No dyes, which means no residue of any chemical mordants used even in “organic” vegetable dyes.

How do Organics align with our Eco Commitment?

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Not just organic cotton. Organic rugs.

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Available in three styles.

Loom-Hooked Organics

Crawl-able Cotton.

Organic Cotton Loom-Hooked Flatweave Rugs

Thickest, Springy, Luxuriant.

Our Loom-Hooked Organic Cotton rugs are the softest, springiest, safest rugs in existence. Perfect for babies, toddlers, and yoga. You might even fall asleep.

Baby Soft. Baby Safe.

Starts at $54

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Flatweave Cotton

Eco Elegance.

Hook & Loom Organic Cotton Flatweave Rugs

Machine Washable & Affordable.

Flatweave Organic Cotton rugs provide all the benefits of Organics in a thinner profile. They use less of our expensive organic cotton, and are more likely to fit in your washing machine.

Pure Cotton. That’s All.

Starts at $32

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Thick Woven Organics

They’ll make you flip.

Hook & Loom Organic Cotton Flatweave Rugs

Thicker & Reversible.

Organic Thick Flatweave Cotton rugs are hand woven on wooden looms to craft a substantial, durable rug. Machine washable, though you’ll need a laundromat for larger sizes. Their hand-bound edges make them fully reversible.

Easy Care. Enduring Beauty.

Starts at $38

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Want Colors?

We make many colorful non-toxic rugs.

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