30-Day Return Policy

HookLoom & Loom Packaged Rug

Any Questions?

If you have questions about your return we haven’t covered here, please email care@hookandloom.com, or call us: 800-699-9320

30-Day No-Hassle Rug Returns

We offer easy returns of any of our rugs. If for any reason you are not totally thrilled with your rug and it is still in new and unused condition its fine to send it back to us. We encourage you to roll out the rug where you want to use it, see how it looks to you, and if its not satisfactory, roll it back up and let us know. For these no-hassle returns, unlike returns for other reasons (see Long-Term Warranty below), the customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping. We still pay the cost to ship it to you.

  1. Email us at care@hookandloom.com
    • Please include your order number and, if your order was for multiple rugs, which one or ones you’d like to return.
    • We’d be grateful for a brief note letting us know why you weren’t satisfied, so we can improve and serve you better next time.
  2. We’ll respond to your email within 1 business day (Mon-Fri) with a printable return label.
  3. Once you have your label, roll and repackage the rug in the original bag, and close the top of the bag with any string or fastener.
  4. Securely affix the return label with clear tape over the original shipping label.
  5. Drop off your rug:

Please note that swatches are not returnable.

Processing Your Return

As soon as we receive your return, we’ll ensure that it’s in original unused condition, and then we’ll credit a full refund to your account, minus the cost of return shipping. We’ll always refund you fully (including return shipping) if the rug in question is not as ordered, or has some issue our inspectors missed. Otherwise, return shipping costs will be deducted from the credit. Please be assured that no matter the reason for returning the rug, you will never be charged for the original shipping cost (shipping the rug from us to you).
We’ll email you promptly when your return is processed. All returns are processed within 5 business days.

Long-term Warranty

We make our rugs to last. If you have treated the rug properly and followed the care instructions and you experience any problem with construction or durability of a Hook & Loom rug beyond the 30-day validity of the pre-printed return label, please contact us. We will make arrangements for replacement if possible, otherwise, we’ll provide a refund to you.

Rug Care

Please note: It’s normal for rugs to have the end of a thread or yarn become loosened. We ask that if this happens, you simply snip it off (don’t pull it) and the problem will be gone. For more information, see our Care Instructions page or read the specific care instructions on product page.