Care Instructions

Caring for Our Flatweave Cotton Rugs

Our cotton rugs are made from 100% recycled fiber. To keep them in ship shape, we recommend:

Use as-is until it needs washing. While our rugs wash beautifully, normal shrinkage will occur during the first wash, and your rug pad may need re-trimming. After one wash, we have seen no further shrinkage.

Washing Your Cotton Rug

Machine wash cold. Use any detergent with no bleach.

Tumble dry. Most dryers will stop while the rug is still slightly damp. If this happens, it’s fine to take it out and lay it flat (on a water-resistant floor) until it dries fully.

Clip off any thread or yarn ends that loosen in the wash.  This will probably be needed only after the first wash, if at all.  If a small knot appears (weavers may tie the yarns, if needed, during weaving), use a dull pointed object to poke the knot back into the rug.

Shrinkage is normal for natural cotton after washing: expect an average of 4% to 8%. If retaining the original size is very important to you, dry cleaning is a better option.

We think you will love your Hook & Loom rug even more after it is clean and fresh. You may even find it a little bit softer!

Caring for Our Wool Rugs

Our Wool rugs are made from 100% natural undyed wool. We recommend:
Vacuum regularly without the use of a beater bar (revolving cylinder with rows of stiff brushes).


If spills occur, it’s best to act quickly. You can scoop up solids with spatula or butter knife. Blot as much liquid as possible, using clean paper or cloth towel. Then towel (or wet sponge) with cold water (add cleaning agent if appropriate). Gently moisten and dab the area, and blot dry.
For more serious spillage, professional cleaning recommended.

Caring for Loom-Hooked Eco Cotton Rugs

Vacuum regularly and without the use of a beater bar (revolving cylinder with rows of stiff brushes).
Blot liquid spills with clean towel.
Scoop up solids with spatula or dull knife.
Clean residue with damp cloth and soap or spot remover if needed.

This rug cleans well with a steam cleaner. Vacuum thoroughly before steam cleaning. We recommend using an Earth-friendly cleaning solution.