Southdown Grey Thick Woven Wool Rug

Southdown Grey Thick Woven Wool Rug


Our thick woven all-natural wool rug offers a durable and substantial way to flatter your floor. An earth-friendly investment to be proud of!

Size In Stock? Price  
2 x 3 $58
3 x 5 $145
5 x 8 $395
6 x 9 $525
x 9  Runner $195
8 x 8 Square $625
3’ x 9’ $260
8 x 11 $845

We have a 30-day no-hassle return policy.

Our wool rugs are made from 100% natural undyed wool.

We use no latex, dyes, or chemicals of any kind.

The rug’s edges are meticulously hand-bound, so it can be flipped to enjoy the unique beauty of each side.

Not Sure Yet? Try a Swatch.

To recreate the look and feel of our rugs, we carefully cut and hand-bind our wool swatches to show a full repeat of the pattern. They’re reversible, just like the rug, and they offer the same vibrant quality, so you’ll know what you’re getting. Swatches are for one time use and are not returnable.

Natural Undyed Wool Thick Woven Rug Swatches

Our Thick Woven Wool swatches are approximately 10″ x 12″.

Caring for our Wool Rugs

Our wool rugs are made from 100% natural undyed wool.

We recommend vacuuming them regularly without the use of a beater bar (rotating cylinder with rows of stiff brushes).

If spills occur, it’s best to act quickly. You can scoop up solids with spatula or butter knife. Blot as much liquid as possible, using clean paper or cloth towel. Then towel (or wet sponge) with cold water (add cleaning agent if appropriate). Gently moisten and dab the area, and blot dry.

For more serious spillage, professional cleaning recommended.